PM Laptop Scheme Program

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Zeeshan Saeed Zeeshan Saeed on 09-Oct-2017 01:32 AM
I put thanks to HEC.
They are doing very good job.I appreciate their performance.

So for complete guidance
Join my laptop group
Zahid Qamar Zahid Qamar on 24-May-2017 03:13 PM
Sir I'm facing a problem in phase 3 I have 3.4 cgpa and I'm eligible but HEC asked I'm not eligible but the other students which have 2.9 cgpa they are eligible so sir kindly can you tell me what is the problem and when HEC going to fix it I'm form UAF
Rai Nawaz Rai Nawaz on 24-May-2017 02:13 PM
Hi. Sir plz tell me what is the procedure to receive a laptop frm my uni.i am an mphil zoology student at UE okara campus. They are not giving laptops to us..even laptops are in our campus.they are giving us exuses that hec link is not wrkng.plz solve our prblm..and is there any change in this model bcz CM laptop is much better than hier pm laptop..a lot of issues are prsnt in it..where we claim its warranty?
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Prime Ministers Laptop Scheme



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