Chairman Online Ep 05 Topic " HEC Scholarship Programme"

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Ghulam Farooq Ghulam Farooq on 28-Feb-2019 02:39 PM
I have applied for HEC Stipendium hungaricum scholarship but did not nominated. My AEF score is 38.53. HEC has nominated some students have lower AEF score than me. I can't understand the criteria of HEC for nomination. I have got A+ and A grade throughout my academic career and won lot of certificates and awards throughout my career in academic as well as extra curricular activities. I am very frustrated by the decision. Please let me know what is your selection criteria?


Hajra farooq
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Mehrab Hussain Mehrab Hussain on 27-Feb-2019 05:36 PM
sir i have applied for prime minister fee reimbursement scheme in 2016 and received for 2 semester last year in january but for the rest 2 semester i haven't received till this time.sir i just want to confirm who are delaying re funding, university concern people are saying we have not received fund yet.



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