Chairman Online Ep 11 Topic (NTC) National Technology Council Act

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Engr T Shahzad Abbas Engr T Shahzad Abbas on 01-Oct-2019 01:08 AM

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Kashif Kashif Kashif Kashif on 30-Sep-2019 04:27 PM
Sir ap sa ye khana ha k hec hamara 1st sep lat ka result upload ni kr rah hec call kro to kha jata ha k un ko pata ni kab aye ga result is waja sa admission close ho rah hain humara result upload kia jay ta k humra saal zaia na ho
Asad Zia Asad Zia on 30-Sep-2019 04:12 PM
The Engineering Technology graduates study engineering and technology for 7 years while pec engineets study engineering and technology for 4 years only. All of this, the Pakistani engineering Technologists are not eligible for jobs in engineering firms and public departments on the basis of Engg Technology bachelor or MS degree while the pec engineers are eligible for all the posts both in engineering Institutes and departments (public and private) and aslo in technology institutes (public and private) and for Technology oriented posts in every department.
Can you please enlighten this monopoly in our country?
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