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Shah Butt Shah Butt on 25-Jul-2019 02:37 PM
i done my software engineering last year but have no better career opportunities in pakistan , our education system is a trash they are just take it as a business .
Engrt Sayyed Hassan Engrt Sayyed Hassan on 16-Jul-2019 03:40 PM
Dear Sir
Kindly ask to Hounerable chairman HEC why they are not releasing the ACT & Service Structure of NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL.
There are about 70,000 Engineering Technology Graduates who are suffering in cruelty of Society. Because there are no jobs/no carear opportunities for them im Pakistan.
Engrt Sayyed Hassan Engrt Sayyed Hassan on 16-Jul-2019 03:36 PM
Hounerable Chairman HEC
1st of all thank u so much for giving easiest way & great chance to everyone to highlight theire issues.
Sir NTC was established under the umbrella of HEC in Oct 2015. Its ACT & service Structure is pending since long in HEC. These are lying in QAA of HEC( file is under the custody of Mrs Humaira Quddus D.D)
sir due these hurdels Engineering Technologist in all over Pakistan are jobless, because they have no career opportunities.
Kindly approve ACT & Service Structure and forward it to Parliment please.
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