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Chairman Online Episode 02 Unemployed PhDs Responses
HEC Comment
1. Dr. Ibrahim Khan I have published a book chapter, 31 research publication in ACS, Elsevier and Nature etc. Yet I need myself prove vis IPFP kind of jobs? When will HEC start serious thinking about our credentials? My CV is already big enough than many experienced professors at various universities? What else I need to prove. I don’t know the purpose of this question if gentleman wants to retire and feel they have done enough in life that is his decision. If they wish to remain in professional life they have to do hard work. Professional life in hard and many can’t survive. Response
2. Mr. Rubina I had MPhil degree prior to job but after completion of 10 years at university of Sahiwal now I cannot be promoted due to HEC criteria for assistant professor. How it can be justified? We will look into this but you may also think of other options Response with Follow Up
3. Dr. Waqar Ahmed It is my suggestion that HEC Chairman should call all VCs of the universities and make it possible that they may advertise post for such scholars and directly appoint if performance remain satisfactory during IPFP tenure. I shall be very thankful to you for your kind action. The VC’s should make an inquiry why post were not advertise for IPFP candidates and why friendly people were appointed either permanent or visiting. Please especially my concern in Physics department of AIOU. Appointment of academic positions is the responsibility of the universities (syndicates) or other statutory bodies. HEC provides guidelines and compliance with guidelines. But does not and will not usurp the right of universities to make appointments. Response
4. Dr. Yasmeen Durrani Respected Chairman Hope you will be fine, I met with VC, Bacha Khan university for IPFP in zoology. he said that university will start zoology in couple of months and they already had one PhD on IPFP and don’t have any more post. Is it convenient to run department to run with single PhD. Yes we will raise this question with universities Response with Follow Up
5. Tehmin Adnan Ia m faculty member at Hamdard university and want to apply in faculty development program. But my university name is not responsible included in approved HEC list for FDP. On the website where as Hamdard is in HEC recognized university. When iam fulfilling HEC criteria Generally HEC capacity building programs are provided for public sector universities. We will review that whether private sector can be included on payment of casts. Response with Follow Up
6. Ms. Mehwish Sir can extension in deadline of university joining date be given to students of UESTP program, who are having genuine visa issues? We will examine Response with Follow Up
7. Dr. M Farhan Saeed Can nu please ask question regarding COMSAT university ISB administration issue because the top administration is on adhoc and no permanent appointment which is causing problem for fcaulty etc? We will take this up with universities and statutory bodies Response with Follow Up
8. Dr. Nazia Sir I want to know. What suitable steps you are doing to improve the standard of PhD in Pakistan? And what steps are u taking to secure the students from supervisor mafia. I have experienced and seen that many students suffers due to their supervisors. Students can’t speak against them. Can’t complain if they do, they have to suffer? On the 1st question we are reviewing PhD programs to ensure that the process and outcomes improvements. On 2nd questions we are reviewing the performance of universities year wise. Response
9. Dr. Aqeela Sir why there is no stipend for PhD Students in all Pakistani engineering universities? Some scholars can’t afford the heavy fees of PhD programs. Some university are offering stipend such as UET, Lahore IBA Sukkur. Why not other Universities? Please look into this. In principal stipend for PhD should be organized by the universities themselves, the research funds provided by the HEC can help. Response
10. Dr Nayab Sir I just want my kids to be scientist a PhD doctor. But seeing them onraods strongly discouraged me.Is this future asset? You are responsible because you people have no planning, competence and courage to admit your fault. We are trying to a certain why some  PhD graduate are unable to get jobs even though there is very high demand, If there are deficiencies in their preparation and training we will help them to overcome the deficiencies . This will also help us to ensure that proper skills and are provided during PhD programs itself. Response with Follow Up
11. Dr Altaf Mukatai Applied research should be promoted by HEC to forward them to local industries for financing. Please look at TDF Program Response
12. Muhammad Arshad I am working on IPFP since 29 May 2018. My IPFP will be completed in a month, University have did not announce the seat and there is no chance in next 6 months even 1 year. If HEC is not employment body than why HEC bound scholars to come Pakistan. So either HEC provide job or either let scholar to work outside country The IPFP in interim placement which enable PhD to get some practical experience in order to get job in any place in Pakistan. Plz stay on this and look out the job advertisements, Response
13. Dr. Umair A lot pf PhD’s are Unemployed related to agriculture universities and becoming more and more on daily basis. My suggestion is that give equivalence to agro related degrees equal to biology, chemistry and environmental sciences We will look into this. Response with Follow Up
14. Dr. Kiran I have done PhD from China top 100 universities I have first 4 author category publications from PhD thesis but still jobless. I live in ISB and my husband is federal govt employee I can only job here. But HEC recommended me to Charsadda pl give special seat for PhD ladies because of having house hold issue. Pl give job on genuine issue if someone is married kindly give preference? Professional families have to face such situations. Everyone has to decide how to balance career and family Response
15. Dr Sumaira Pl take strict actions against departments who hired faculty on IPFP but not follow HEC rules and not announce permanent positions at university level except where necessary. Please adjust first already PhD all public sector universities thank you. We will review the actions of the universities, however the country does not have PhD’s to fill them even a majority of teaching purposes. Response with Follow Up
16. Dr. M Imran I would like to thank you Dt. Tariq Banuri for doing this program. As a HEC Chairman don’t you think HEC criteria for new appointment on the basis of MSC. While PhD now available. We do not have enough PhD to fill even a majority of teaching purposes. Response
17. Dr. Usman Javed I appreciate your struggle and live program I have applied for IPFP in women university Bagh and AJK. Head of Biotechnology department and Dean approved but now administration of university didi not sending my consent letter back to HEC. They are saying we are discussing with treasure to generate permanent positions. So time is passing more than 40 days. What should I do now? Please bound them they should response on fixed days either positive or negative. Hope you will be reply in live program. We will ask for a report from the universities Response with Follow Up
18. Dr. Shahid Aoa sir Iam on interim placement in PIEAS for one year and six months are remaining  to complete my interim Please prepare your CV apply for jobs we are trying to build a PhD portal. Which should be ready by end of January 2019. That will help you. In maintain please search actively   Response with Follow Up
19. Mr. Rizwan Can HEC unemployed PhD work in private company to complete the bond? Yes Response
20. Mr. Abdul Jalil I did my MSC form UAF in 2002 in ISB 2003. Ia m doing private job there is no continuity in my job. I was jobless form Dec 2017 to June 2018. And will be again jobless soon. Please let me know when I will get permanent job even at low scale 17 or 18. So please create or announce regular jobs for these PhD holders. Thanks in advance We have asked universities to create thousands of jobs for PhD’s. You have to keep applying until you get the job that you like. Response
21. Syeda Huma Bukhari I had completed PhD degree in April 2018 and applied for IPFP but it is still pending. I request you to please try to look into this matter and proceed case. We will look into this Response with Follow Up
22. Dr. Muhammad Arif CNIC is here 32304-8187938-7. Is here I have one complain/ reservation over HEC staff dealing in travel grant Section. I have applied for air ticket reimbursement on 19 july 2018 in HEC with grant no 299.256. After that I did not get any further information and no money has been received form HEC. I tried to contact with relevant section but it did not work. If there is any middle channel to deal with such case than I should initiated with all candidates. Sorry to say that permanent staff is not performing their task professionally, they are trying to encourage a middle channel that’s promote corruption. My apologies for convenience u have faced , we are reviewing our responsive system on Phone , emails and adding to the staff as needed currently over 100 thousand queries we received in a month which has effect the response rate. I will improve soon. Response with Follow Up
23. Dr. Maliha Sarfaraz Aoa Sir I have applied for IPFP in April 2018. Now it is end of November and no progress still iam waiting at home what can I do? At which institute iam going to apply they asked me about IPFP please help I need some assistance. Thank you. Job search is always the person own responsibility. Please keep searching actively the IPFP is an interim help Response
24. Dr. Mumtaz Ali University lecturer post was upgraded in 18 scale, but qualification and other requirements remains same why? Now in universities no any grade 17 positions available on academic side why? Kindly enforce universities to recruit PhD qualified teacher during selection board and give prefernace to candidates who are already working on IPFP  with respect one more suggestion is start grade 17 position on academic side to facilitate qualified candidates. And change Nomenclature as BPS 17, 18 years of education Thanks with last TTS review committee to consider this. Response with Follow Up
25. Dr Saba Saeed I had done PhD in physics form university of Amsterdam, completed my IPFP in June Multan. Family now shifted to Bahawalpur, I appeared before selection board in ap for sadiq women university Bahawalpur almost two months ago but still have no news from till heard that they still have not done their syndicate. I don’t know if I get selected or not. What will be my future What step can u take for this regard? More post should be announce in Bahawalpur region. We will ask from a University for report. Response with Follow Up
26. Dr Aqsa My query is when institute take up students from diverse biological and physical sciences like chemistry, biochemistry, plant pathology, bioinformatics, pharmacy etc. During PhD these scholars fulfil subject GRE requirement. Then why during shortlisting for jobs their degrees become questionable and they are rejected at first stage of scrutiny? We will ask on the TTS review committee to advise them on question Response with Follow Up
27. Dr. Farman Ali What is HEC policy regarding regularization of Adhoc /contract PhD’s? My job will end in December after working for five years. Can HEC direct the university to not fire me? Can HEC probe into the previous selection boards based upon repotism? These are all matters of universities to decide. Hec could not direct universities to select (or not to fix) a particular candidate , that is we can ask for the report of selection that is it transparent or not. Response with Follow Up
28. Dr Kamran Umar Can u please answer the question that why top list candidate has not been selected. it’s because the poor policy of HEC they told us that according to HE policy fresh PhD candidate can never be appointed on BPS. Candidate at position no 16 and 23 were selected. HEC policies are mean to ensure that the last candidates are selected. Response
29. Dr. Khawar Mehmood According to HEC policy there is fix credit hours for faculty to teach in university. Isa huge number of public and private sector universities which offering visiting faculty. how it is possible for faculty member  to teach extra credit hour with no compromise e on quality of education. Universities pay less to the visiting faculty. They save money and earn more They did not hire permanent faculty that is why qualified PhD’s are unemployed and this ration is increasing day by day. HEC should force universities to hire permanent visiting faculty If we receive information that is HEC rules are being violated, we can initiate against universities for e.g. reduce funding’s stopping programs. We will also Asses your recommendations whether they can be enforced? Response with Follow up
30. Dr. Rabia An unemployed PhD holder who got his degree from Pakistan availing Indigenous scholarship program, can go abroad for post doctorate, If offered from good foreign university? There should be no bar on this please let me know if you face any difficulties Response
31. Dr. Munir Ullah Khan Why HEC don’t design proper and equal selection criteria for hiring a faculty for e.g. (Assistant, Associate and full professor). It provide chance to relevant university administration to manipulate things for their own benefits. Why HEC don’t take any measures to regulate the quality of publications/ ihave applied to kohat university of Science and Technology 60 impact factor in high ranked journals. The university selection board just drop my application because I don’t have enough no of publications.On other have 20 publications with impact factor 10. If I have one paper in nature and science journals it is worthless in Pakistnai university selection board. Because they will give me just one number on behalf of my one nature or science journal paper. other will have 20 publications with very low quality they will get selected on behalf of their no of publications. The TTS committee is reviewing, recruiting / promotions criteria in order to misuse.     HEC is also reviewing other options for strengthening the assessment of quality of publications. This would help people with a better publication record. Response with Follow up
32. Dr. Sana Gul Aoa, I’m Dr. Sana Gil, Currently teaching in Federal University under HEC-ipfp Contract during this contract I have applied NUST, Mehran Jamshoro, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University. Baqi institute of bio information and technology, Hej research institute, sir syed uni, Barret Hudson uni, FPSC Jobs etc. but didn’t receive any response from any one of the university for job interview , still these universities have not set any criteria to absorb any merit basis Researcher or as a faculty. I’m very disappointed due to these acts of private universities. I have five international publications on category W journal, also awarded for 3 years as a PhD approve supervisor…. Please share this online or Hec have to take actions against these universities for faculty development. I appreciate the fact that you are searching extensive for job please don’t fell discourage. In other countries people attempt up to 100 applications and receive responses. We will also make search purposes more transparent Response with Follow up
33. Dr. Faiza I tried to upload my data on HEC portal but every time its shows error. Due to No permanent VC in women university Multan I was unable to extend my contract in university and also cannot complete my project due to half year no VC available in Women University. [4:52 PM, 11/29/2018] +92 305 7801996: I tried to work on my own for starting a research institute but cannot find any rules on HEC website / Can you please guide about this? I hope the error message has been        addressed. Congratulation on your ambition to start a new institution. I will ask for a preparation of guidance manual. Response with Follow up
34. Dr. Khushbakht I had completed IPFP in development of Aloom Arabic from march 2016 to march 2017 I am jobless.  Never the university has extended the contract and announces the post. Please prepare your CV and start applying for jobs. Response
35. Dr. R Chand I was selected by selection board of Dawood University of Engineering and Technology as assistant professor last year. But to due to some delay in my joining now they are not allowing me for joining and delaying more. I am still waiting. We will ask them for clarification.
36. M Shahzad Sccording to HEC, FDP merit list of selected faculty members will be displaying till last week of November so please intimate the candidates or we have to wait more I will look into this. Response with Follow up
37. Dr. Rabia I am unemployed PhD Holder who got PhD Degree from Pakistan availing Indigenous Scholarship program can go abroad for post doctorate. Does the bond with HEC to serve Pakistan for five years also be restrict? There should be no restriction. Response
38. Dr. Muhammad Jawad I did two years of post-Doctorate from York University UK 13 years of teaching and 22 research publications recently came and tries to find out job I applied under IPFP in NUST and Bahria after several interviews there were no response? Please keep applying Response
39. Dr. Faidad Khan I want to open his own business during Un Employment I visited Punjab health care commission they asked me for Medical pathologist registration PHC Director suggest me to bring letter from HEC I am eligible to run professionally a PCR Laboratory as worked on PCR last 8 years? I will ask the relevant official to guide you. Response with Follow up
40. Dr. Muhammad Waqar It is my suggestion that HEC chairman should call VC’s of all universities and make it possible they advertise posts for such scholars and directly appoint then id their performance remains satisfactory during IPFO tenure. I shall be thankful to you for your kind action. The VC’s should make and enquiry why posts were not advertised for IPFP candidates and why friendly people were appointed either permanent or visiting. Please especially my concern is physics department of Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. As soon as our job portal is ready ( Late January) We will ask VC’s to advertise there, This will make life easy for unemployed PhDs. We cannot tell them to appoint a particular person. Response with Follow up
41. Dr. Muhammad Jan I am currently in Ghazi University there is only one permanent staff in Soil and Environmental Science Dept. only one Lecturer working as permanent faculty member. We 4 IPFP Expired candidates working on visiting faculty even here (Hons) program is running so plz solve this issue. We will ask Ghazi University for a report. Response with Follow up
42. Abdul Jalil I did my MSc from UAF in 2002and PhD from QAU Islamabad in 2013. I am doing private job. There is no continuity in my job. I was jobless from Dec 17 to Jun, 18 and will be again jobless soon. Please let me know that when will I get permanent job even at low scale (17, 18). So please also create/announce jobs for those PhD degree holders who don’t have research papers. Please also grant full age relaxation to PhD degree holders. Thanks in advance. Already answer that for no Q2. Response
43. Dr. Tabassum Jalil We request HEC to implement its own rules like maintenance of student teacher ratio, minimum no of PhD’s faculty required for a department to do work. Thanks we will do so. Response with Follow up
44. Dr. Kay Khan Why does not HEC enforce its law over universities to obey HEC polices or their findings will be stopped We are taking actions against violations. Response with Follow up
45. Dr. Sana Gul We want fair selection of faculty in every university. In this regard HEC  have to play their role as per HEC rule for 20 students, 1 faculty should be hired. HEC should take actions and selections on merit. We are taking actions against violations of HEC rules. Response with Follow up
46. Nidaullah Hafiz HEC should be play a role of team leader in order to assure the transparent induction of faculty of Pakistani Universities. Agreed. Response
47. Muhammad Adil They do advertise the position but select the on they like most. Recently I had my application to the Comsat Sahiwal and even did not got shortlisted. Please don’t get discourage you have to keep trying. Response
48. Irshad ul Haq Will HEC look into these cases where universities have not advertise the mandatory post mention in clause of 12 of the tripartite agreement signed by HEC, University and the IPFP Faculty? We will look into these cases. Response with Follow up
49. Muhammad Asghar Shah Chairman sab kindly read the finding and sedation of workshop for unemployed PhD doctor on 26-27 Nov 2018 in HEC? Thanks I have read these. Response with Follow up
50. Dr. Tabassum Bashir We request HEC just to implement its rules like maintenance of student teacher ratio minimum no of PhDs faculty required for department to work. Agreed Response with Follow up
51. Dr. Javed Hussain I have worked in IPFP in 2018 after that I am jobless? Please prepare your CV and start applying in the meantime start your own book project. Response



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