Chairman Online---Topic: (NTC) National Technology Council Act---Dr Tariq Banuri

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Zᴜʟғɪ Zᴜʟғɪ on 30-Sep-2019 03:39 PM
Honorable chairman
If the name of our universities is Engineering & Technology than why there is no representation of technologists in UET,S and other universities????
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Zᴜʟғɪ Zᴜʟғɪ on 30-Sep-2019 03:36 PM
If the govt and hec have no plans and service structure for us then why the wasted our 7 years of life and educational career?
Ch Umair Ch Umair on 30-Sep-2019 03:35 PM
Honourable Chairman HEC.
How long will be required more for Approval of NTC's act and Service structure?
And please also tell us that what will be the main points or articles of service structure?
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