Cyber Performance over TEIN Network

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Ar Jamshid Ar Jamshid on 23-Feb-2019 11:49 AM
Wonder initiative may be adopted for distance learning programs. Congrats to Dr. Banuri and his team.
Gohar Ali Khan Gohar Ali Khan on 23-Feb-2019 11:37 AM
It is really a great achievement of science that students-cum-academics can learn a lot by sitting in their own class-room through cyber cloud-based academic networking without costly, time-consuming and tedious travel of foreign countries. They are able to watch, listen and question simultaneously and hone their academic and professional skills. Excellent!!!!!!!
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Bhai Shar Bhai Shar on 22-Feb-2019 05:23 PM
It was great event. It can revolutionalise the in connecting and live sharing the class rooms and studio activities in interactive way globally. Connecting Asia with rest of the world..
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