Session on Faculty Development Program

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Dr. Sana Gul Dr. Sana Gul on 19-Sep-2019 01:33 PM
I have teaching experience, 5 international publication n more than 9 impact factor, still i am not appointed on permanent post. plz take some actions to resolve selection board matters. Thanks
Dr. Sana Gul Dr. Sana Gul on 19-Sep-2019 01:31 PM
Hec should have to take action for faculty hiring on fair basis
Dr. Sana Gul Dr. Sana Gul on 19-Sep-2019 01:29 PM
Dear Project Director, I want to ask a question about PhD holder for faculty hiring, I did one year IPFP program and right now i am on contact of FUUAST gulshan campus, still I m waiting for permanent employment in this university, i filled employment form in 2017, there is delay in selection board, how i can convey my query to hec to finlaize 2017 selection board at FUUAST gulshan campus
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